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Franciscan Dinnerware—Starburst Pattern

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Starburst is probably the most popular of the 1950s patterns that Franciscan produced. It certainly is one of the most expensive one. Done in an eliptical shape, it has a speckled, off-white background and a spray of stars in yellow and blue.

Franciscan Ware, or Franciscan Pottery as it was first named in 1934, was manufactured by Gladding-McBean and Company of Glendale, CA. Scores of different styles and patterns were produced. In 1962 Gladding McBean and Company merged with the Lock Joint Pipe Company and became Interpace. The Franciscan line continued in California until 1984 when the facility at Glendale was closed and all production moved to England (and later some patterns/pieces were produced in Japan, China and Portugal). It is important to note that not all pieces carry the “Franciscan” mark. Unless you are familiar with a particular pattern, you may not recognize it as “Franciscan.” I carry mostly those patterns produced in California but also a few made in England and China which I list separately. Even those pieces made in California have slight variations due to mold changes, or, for those which are hand-painted, the skill of the painter. I have pieces from over one hundred and sixty-one Franciscan patterns. Franciscan China is now only produced in China. While some of the English glassware is listed with the English dinnerware, the pieces produced in the USA by Fostoria (Cabaret) and Tiffin (Madeira) are listed under Glassware.



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