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History of Maddux of California

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Maddux of California was founded in the late 1930’s by William Maddux. It was one of the more popular and collectible makers of California-made ceramics. It produced novelty items, such as TV lamps, figurines, planters, and tableware/accessories.

William Maddux began by modeling birds of many varieties, a specialty of his, which included cockatoos and flamingos. Production was in a small home workshop in Los Angeles. He relocated in 1941 to a larger facility on San Fernando Rd. He partnered with Jimmie Webster in 1944. Jimmie Webster was associated earlier with Brad Keeler (another well known California potter). William Maddux and Jimmie Webster purchased some property, which allowed them to build an even larger and better equipped plant.

In 1947 the plant was producing 120,000 pieces a year. Maddux continued to produce pottery gift shop items and novelties until 1974. The company was then sold to Rinor Marketing. Maddux of California had become a seller of merchadise and no longer produced their ceramic products. Maddux of California closed its doors in 1980.


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